Dr. Amy Miller Dr. Amy Miller, a board-certified physician, is a 1996 graduate of the St. Louis University School of Medicine. She has been practicing aesthetics, laser surgery and cosmetic dermatology since January 2004 at her office in Des Peres, MO. She is an adjunct professor of family medicine and teaches interested medical students and residents the art and science of aesthetic medicine. She is also a national trainer for advanced injection techniques and teaches physicians from around the country how to use medical lasers in their aesthetic practice.

A former Miss Seattle and Mrs. Missouri International, Dr. Miller helps people from all over the world discover their own beauty. Dr. Miller and her team offer a wide variety of aesthetic procedures to enhance and highlight your own natural beauty. She assists women and men from all over the world in discovering the potential that aesthetic medicine has to offer and knows, from experience, that the resulting improvements on the outside have a positive effect on a person’s inner voice and perception of themselves. She helps remove negative perceptions that people feel about themselves when looking in the mirror and empowers them to be confident in themselves and their abilities.

Her passion for aesthetics has inspired her to open Medical Aesthetics Academy (MAA) at St. Louis Skin Solutions. As the aesthetic industry continues to grow, Dr. Miller knows the importance of quality training. From the initial certification to advanced training, there is a need for a comprehensive program that will ensure the results driven treatments that consumers are growing to expect. At Medical Aesthetics Academy, it is Dr. Miller’s goal to offer the latest and most advanced training in the St. Louis area. MAA will not only offer advanced training for licensed aestheticians, nurses, and doctors it will also provide training to anyone who is desiring a career as an aesthetician.

As a published author, trainer and industry expert Dr. Miller’s knowledge and expertise will offer students the most robust and intensive training around. She is developing new and innovative curriculum both in the classroom and in the lab. She is collaborating with industry experts to ensure all trainings lead the student to success in their own practices.