What to Expect in a Filler Training Course

What to Expect in a Filler Training Course

Filler Training Course

Dermal fillers have rapidly become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments among patients today. With the ability to smooth out facial lines and wrinkles, restore lost facial volume, and rejuvenate the appearance of the face, fillers are a versatile treatment option to add to your aesthetic practice. 

A filler training course can give you the insights and skills that you need to expertly administer fillers at your practice. The advanced injectable training programs available at Medical Aesthetics Academy are ideal for aesthetic practitioners who want to add fillers and other injectables to their service offerings. We can customize a program for you to include the dermal fillers that you would like to offer. 

Here’s what you can expect to learn in a filler training course:

The Uses of Dermal Fillers

There’s a broad range of dermal fillers used today for many different cosmetic needs. There are many brands of dermal fillers and within each brand, there are fillers that address different concerns. At the Medical Aesthetics Academy, we will help you to understand which brand is best for you based on many factors. Each filler addresses a different cosmetic concern, such as volume loss and wrinkles in the face and hands, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and thinning lips. 

In a dermal filler training course, you’ll learn about the uses of each dermal filler, as well as the best dermal fillers to use for specific concerns. With this knowledge, you can recommend the right fillers for each of your patient’s needs. 

Potential Complications of Dermal Fillers

You’ll learn about both the common and not-so-common complications of dermal fillers during the course, as well as what to do when these complications occur. This information is crucial to have as an aesthetic practitioner, it will allow you to respond appropriately if ever a patient was to have a complication. Your knowledge will foster patients’ trust in your ability to protect their safety in the case of adverse effects.  

Live Demos and Hands-On Practice

Your dermal filler training course from Medical Aesthetics Academy will also include live demos and hands-on practice supervised by Dr. Amy Miller. This practice will fully prepare you to start administering dermal fillers at your practice, with complete confidence in your abilities. 

Give us a call today to register for a customized dermal filler course that aligns with your practice’s needs.