How to Market to Men and Women: Approaches that Work

How to MarketMarketing your aesthetic practice should no longer be focused entirely on female consumers. While the majority of patients who undergo aesthetic procedures are still women, the number of men seeking out aesthetic treatments has been steadily growing over the past several years. By developing a marketing strategy for your practice that incorporates the needs and preferences of male consumers, you can successfully expand your client base. 

Tips for How to Market To Both Men and Women

Hone in on Tangible Results

While many women get pleasure out of making purchases, male consumers tend to shop only to fulfill a specific need. So, to successfully market to a broad audience, it’s important to highlight the value of specific treatments. Promoting aesthetic treatments that deliver clear, provable results are particularly attractive to consumers who prioritize practicality.

One approach to highlighting the results of your procedures is to take high-quality before and after images, then display them in your marketing materials. Visuals including photos and video can be powerful marketing tools for your aesthetic practice. 

Consider Referral Programs

Satisfied clients can serve as an enormous asset in building your practice’s client base. So, consider a referral program. Especially when it comes to reaching a male audience, encouraging your satisfied male clients to tell their friends about their experience may send more customers to your practice. Given that most existing marketing materials for aesthetic procedures are targeted at women, many men may not know about the benefits of aesthetic treatment unless a friend tells them about it. This referral can give them the confidence to try aesthetics for themselves!

Emphasize Convenience

For both male and female clients, convenience is more important than ever. So, in your marketing efforts, emphasize non-invasive treatments that require no recovery downtime. Highlighting free, convenient consultations can also help get potential clients in the door of your practice. 

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