Dr. Amy Miller Meaghan Detterman began her career as an Elementary School Teacher. Her experience in education and curriculum writing set the foundation for her career throughout the years. Meaghan is an experienced Business Manager with a demonstrated history of success that has translated to a variety of industries. She is skilled in Sales, Team Building, Public Speaking, Management (account and personnel), Business Growth, and Marketing. As a consulting professional she is adept at both the management of people and businesses. Meaghan has a knack for team building and she can effectively create a collaborative and communicative environment from a diverse group of professionals to ensure a highly productive team. Meaghan’s background in education allows her to be a compassionate yet assertive leader.

Meaghan’s future plan is one of growth and expansion. Her goal is to create a multi-year growth plan to expand the footprint of the teams that she works with. Her plan includes creating structures for hiring, social media campaigns, community events, forecasting orders/expenses, communication and mentoring, as well as account management. As a proven leader, she collaborates with the internal and external teams, along with the executives to maintain positive communication and accountability. She fosters relationships with vendors to maximize purchasing and productivity. She oversees and collaborates with the team in the management of marketing campaigns, including those on social media platforms, as well as events, and newsletters.