Microneedling: The Hottest Treatment

Microneedling florida Microneedling is one of the hottest aesthetic treatments around today, and it’s not hard to see why. This minimally invasive treatment harnesses the skin’s natural ability to heal itself, offering an improvement to all types of cosmetic concerns. 

Given its remarkable popularity and efficacy, microneedling can provide numerous benefits as an addition to your aesthetic practice’s service offerings. It will allow you the opportunity to:

  • An Exceptional Return-On-Investment
    • To add microneedling to your aesthetic practice, you would need to purchase a microneedling pen and attend a training program at Medical Aesthetics Academy. The course is priced at $300 per person or $750 per office (up to 3 people). The average microneedling pen is an investment of a few thousand dollars. Sessions are priced between $275 and $500 for face. The low overhead and reasonable training costs allow for a really great return on investment, or ROI, for these services. It’s a quick treatment that’s in high demand, providing an excellent opportunity for your practice to increase revenue. 

  • Keep Your Practice Competitive
    • Aesthetic medicine is a booming industry, with more people than ever seeking out non-surgical methods of improving their appearance. So, as an aesthetic practitioner, it’s crucial to keep up aesthetic treatments that are providing the greatest benefits to patients. 

Microneedling has been consistently providing excellent results for patients. The procedure is continually being innovated, with new methods and tools allowing for even greater improvement to the skin. By including this at your practice, you can visibly improve your patients’ skin in a quick, safe, and comfortable procedure. 

Microneedling: What Your Patients Can Expect

In treatment, a small device makes controlled micro-punctures on the surface of the skin. This stimulates collagen production and increases blood flow to the skin, leading to the development of new, healthy skin tissue.

After treatment, your patients will notice an improvement in the appearance of fine lines, scarring, discoloration, and enlarged pores. The skin also appears brighter and clearer after microneedling as the skin responds to the micro-damage with its natural repair process. 

If you’re interested in attending a training course as a professional in aesthetic medicine, contact Medical Aesthetics Academy today