Supplies That No Esthetician Should Be Without

Esthetician To run a thriving practice as an esthetician, there are several different tools that you’ll need to have on hand. With the right supplies, you’ll be able to deliver high-quality care to your patients while operating your practice efficiently. 

Some of the most important equipment to have as an esthetician includes:

Magnification Lamp

A magnification lamp is crucial for aestheticians to clearly examine their patients’ skin. With a magnification lamp, you can hone in on trouble areas and see in greater detail than you could with the naked eye. This tool will greatly enhance your ability to assess your patients’ skin concerns and increase precision in all of your treatments. 


A facial steamer is a must-have for all aesthetic practices. With a steamer, you can improve skin circulation and more easily remove debris from patients’ pores. Steaming the skin can also make your patients feel relaxed, giving your esthetic procedures a spa-like feel. 

Microneedling Pen

Microneedling is one of the most popular and versatile aesthetic treatments around today. Adding microneedling to the services offerings at your practice is an excellent long-term investment. With that in mind, every esthetician should have a professional-grade microneedling pen to perform 


At any medical practice, sanitation is paramount! All estheticians should have an EPA-grade disinfectant on hand at all times for surfaces, equipment, and hands. 


All estheticians need an ample supply of microfiber washcloths. These soft, sensitive skin-friendly cloths will have your patients feeling comfortable and relaxed. Plus, by opting for microfiber cloths, you can remove skincare products easily, without smearing them across the skin. 

Esthetician Technician Stool

Throughout a long day of work, it’s important for you to be comfortable. With an ergonomic, adjustable technician stool, you’ll be able to take a seat during appointments without compromising on your work. 

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