The Benefits of Face Mapping

Face Mapping Face mapping is a longstanding technique that can benefit your aesthetic practice. By providing insight into the underlying causes of skin concerns, this method can help you guide your patients to clear, beautiful skin!

What is Face Mapping?

Face mapping is a technique that was developed in ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It involves identifying patterns in the location of acne, redness, or dryness on the face to pinpoint the cause of skin problems. With this technique, different zones on the face are thought to be caused by certain health factors, including stress, diet, sleep, digestion, hydration, smoking, hormonal imbalances, and toxins in the body.

For example, according to face mapping, breakouts around the chin are connected to the endocrine system. Since the endocrine system regulates your body’s hormones, breakouts around the chin point to a hormonal imbalance. In women, acne may flare in this area during their menstrual cycles or as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). 

While your aesthetic practice shouldn’t rely solely on face mapping, it can be used as a valuable tool to find the best skin treatments for your clients’ needs. 

The Benefits

As an esthetician, there are several benefits of incorporating face mapping into your practice. For one, it can help you gain a better sense of your patient’s overall health. This can help guide the questions that you ask your patients to identify the most effective treatments for their needs. 

This is particularly beneficial for treating patients with acne. Whether regular or intermittent, acne breakouts can be better understood with face mapping. With this technique, you can narrow down the potential causes of patients’ breakouts to provide more effective guidance and treatment. 

The health of your patients’ skin depends on the health of their entire bodies. Face mapping can be used to identify and address the root cause of patients’ skin concerns. 

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