Importance of Obtaining Treatment Consent For Treatment and Pictures at Each Visit

Obtaining Treatment Consent As an aesthetic practitioner, it is your responsibility to take excellent care of your patients. This is not only for the benefit of your patients but also for the success of your practice. Obtaining treatment consent and taking pictures at each visit are two practices that are essential to maintaining proper protocols and ensuring success. 

Obtaining Informed Treatment Consent

It’s crucial to obtain informed consent from patients before undergoing treatment at your aesthetic practice. Informed consent means that the patient is fully educated as to the nature of their condition, the nature and risks of the treatment, and alternative treatments available to them. By communicating this information, both you and your patients can feel confident that they’ve chosen the best treatment for their needs. 

The consent form that you give to your patients to sign can include all of this information. Verbal consent is not sufficient even if the conversation is documented by the practitioner. Written consent protects the patient, the practice and the practitioner. No matter the type of the aesthetic treatment, you should obtain written consent from the patient. Whether it’s non-invasive, minimally invasive, or a surgical aesthetic procedure, proper consent will protect your practice against malpractice claims. 

Maintain Your Reputation

Failing to obtain treatment consent from your patients could diminish the reputation of your practice. Given that more and more people are entering the field of aesthetic medicine, it’s essential to remain competitive. Keeping your patients well-informed and receiving informed consent before beginning any treatment will solidify your practice as a professional, reputable option for aesthetic treatments. 

Taking Pictures at Every Visit 

Taking high-quality, accurate photos has become a standard practice in top aesthetic practices. When you take photos at each visit –not just the first — you can clearly show your patients the improvement that the treatments have provided. Your patients see themselves in the mirror every day, which can make it difficult to see the changes to their looks after aesthetic treatment. High-quality photos resolve this issue and can significantly boost patients’ satisfaction with your practice. 

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